Stacks 2.0 testnet — Neon — is here!

Hi everyone!

The first phase of the Stacks 2.0 public testnet — codename Neon — is online and available for developers today! To get started right away, visit

Stacks 2.0 is the manifestation of our original vision, bringing several new capabilities — native STX mining, proof-of-transfer consensus anchored in Bitcoin, Clarity smart contracts, to name a few — that we will help developers and our community create more value and more ownership!

As I noted in my last post, Neon is focused on the basics: native STX mining (currently implements Proof-of-Burn. A Proof-of-Transfer implementation will come in later phases), the peer network, and the ability to send/receive STX. You can also publish and execute smart-contracts, though we plan to focus on Clarity and integrations in Phase 2. To reiterate, we’ll be adding more functionality to the testnet in phases and we won’t “exit” a phase until all critical bugs and issues have been resolved.

We fully expect to hit bugs and uncover technical issues: after all, finding and fixing these issues is one of the primary goals of testnets. To that end, we’ll be rolling out a “bounty” program, for bug reports as well as for building useful tools and resources.

Head over to the testnet homepage to get started!

If you have any questions, please reply to this post or find us on Discord!


I can’t find this file testnet/follower-conf.toml – please help

The conf files have been moved under:

But you don’t even need to specify a config file (unless you need custom behavior), you can just run cargo testnet neon :tada:!