Stacks 2.0 testnet launch update

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give an update on the Stacks 2.0 testnet timeline. As previously mentioned, we’re thinking of multiple iterations of the testnet (“phases”): each phase will introduce some new functionality, and we won’t “exit” a phase until all critical bugs and issues have been resolved.

Please keep in mind that all details are subject to change as we approach the projected launch date, and even thereafter, as we learn from testnet activity and adjust accordingly.

Phase 1: Neon

  • Focus: native STX mining (proof of burn), peer network, send/receive STX
  • Target date: April 22nd
  • Nodes connect to one shared public Bitcoin node running in regtest mode
  • NOTE: we plan to launch Neon with a single miner node for the first few days, to isolate non sortition related issues. We expect that mining on testnet will be open to anyone < 1 week after this.

Phase 2: Argon

  • Focus: smart contracts, Explorer, other integrations
  • Target date: May 6th
  • Nodes connect to one shared public Bitcoin node running in regtest mode

Phase 3: Krypton

  • Focus: Validate PoX basics: miner get rewards, Stackers get BTC distributions
  • Target date: May 20th
  • Nodes connect to Bitcoin node(s) running in regtest mode

Phase 4: Xenon

  • Focus: hardening and upgrade testing
  • Target date: June 3rd
  • Nodes connect to Bitcoin testnet

Please refer to the previous post for more details on each testnet phase.

Stay safe!



How can I spin up the necessary binary to participate in Phase 1: Neon

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We’ll share documentation and updates in a few hours, stay tuned!

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Thank you @diwaker looking forward to next steps.

It is midnight here now, will get some rest and check 1st think tomorrow.