Stacks 2.0.3 Release

Hey everyone,

We just released Stacks 2.0.3! Pre-built binaries and full change-logs are available here.

Whats New?

This release fixes several bugs in the miner, mempool, chainstate database, and peer network. Highlights include:

  • The bugs that were causing transactions to get stuck in the mempool have been fixed.
  • The mining code no longer starts mining too early (i.e. you can now specify when it should start)
  • The peer network and chainstate databases have undergone some optimizations, yielding faster block-processing and network responsiveness
  • A miner’s block-commits are much less likely to be “late” now, thanks to improved UTXO-handling and RBF logic

All of the above has been merged to the master branch, so feel free to build from source or use the pre-built binaries available here. Please note that the database format has changed – you will need to start the node with a fresh chainstate.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs on the issue tracker!

Happy Stacking!


Props to the Stacks core and the whole Hiro team. Y’all rock!
I love seeing this whole new chain, consensus, and Clarity contracts coming to life.
Cool shit coming in the future I can feel it. :wink:

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