Stacking on xverse , I havent received any rewards

I have stacked some stacks on , I have received rewards at the beginning of May, but ,since then I havent received anything.
What happened?My stacks appear locked on dashboard of xverse app.
Should I cancell stacking and restack?
Thank you

Stacking was closed for the last 2 cycles and no rewards were distributed (this was covered extensively on this forum, Discord, and social media). You can now re-Stack and start earning again in Cycle 61. Stacks 2.4 is here! :rocket: (Stacking to be re-enabled)

For further support with the status of your funds in Xverse, please use their support:

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on the xverse page, my funds appear locked, and it gives me the cancel stacking option.
Should I cancel and restack so?

Xverse pool has been closed due to the protocol upgrade in the last 2 cycles. All funds were unlocked at the protocol level regardless of what the UI says. The pool will be open again shortly for cycle 61.