Stacking Customer Research

Hey everyone, @Gina and @jeffd have been working on Stacking research to answer three big questions:

  • What is the best way to explain Stacking to potential customers?
  • Is Stacking a confusing name? Are there better names?
  • Can we learn anything from similar staking or yield services?

(Check out the research in detail here.) We felt the research could potentially be applicable for anyone looking to build a delegator service so we thought that we should share our copy, insights, and learnings, mainly as an FYI. It may illustrate some things that we should not say as opposed to concrete best practices, but that should be valuable as well. Happy to answer any questions! And please do let us know if you want to see more stuff like this (if the opportunity arises).


Don’t be shy, our community is helpful! :slight_smile:

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