Now that stacking has been re-enabled and we are a couple of days into cycle 60, does anyone have an idea of when Stacking.Club will have more comprehensive information (similar to what was provided before stacking was disabled for the upgrades) on stacking stats?

The team behind has expressed that they will be bringing the site back to full features again. Tagging here in case he can provide further insight as to the timeline.

Thank you for the update. I’m looking forward to seeing the full features again. I always found the site to be very helpful.

Any updates on the progress please? This was a very important UI for stackers, I am sure most agree and it has been on halt for a while now…

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Hi there!

Thank you for checking in on the status of – it has unfortunately been down or degraded since the update of 2.1+.

I’ve been hard at work updating it and I’m working towards a release soon. The main complexity that I’ve been dealing with recently is how to properly aggregate all the stacking data now that we have the option to extend and increase a given stackers/delegates value. I have been chatting with core devs and others in the ecosystem to properly understand the internal logic of the pox contract. I’ve just finished the logic tonight and it’s matching up with the internal state of PoX, which you can see here!

I’m really, really hoping to get a beta version up with the new data this week, so that folks can audit their accounts and provide any feedback if the data is inconsistent.

I want to personally thank everyone for being so patient, I am very much looking forward to the new release of, as I know many of you are, too!