Stack wallet issue

I have been trying to send STX from my Stacks wallet to KuCoin. It keeps stating that there is insufficient BTC for the Stacks transaction fee.

Each time a add the additional BTC required the Stacks transaction fee is increased.

It is very annoying. Actually, it is more than very annoying. The BTC in US dollars has gone from $10 to over $40, which is absurd.

How can I get the STX sent from my Stacks wallet to KuCoin?

Can you help me?


Please make sure to use the new wallet in general for this and any other operation going forward: Hiro Wallet

If the wallet you have installed is asking for BTC, you’re most certainly trying to send with an older version that doesn’t work with the Stacks blockchain anymore.

I think it’s possible he can’t find his seed phrase backup.

How to login to Hiro account with mobile phone please, unable to download the App on my phone, what do you advise

Hi! Hiro does not offer a mobile wallet. Please use our Browser extension or Desktop application for laptops/pcs. Hiro Wallet