Stack Voucher has wrong name?


So I got my voucher the other day, and just noticed it has the wrong name on it. The email is correct, but the name (First+Last) is my fiancee’s name? The only thing I can think how this happened is through the use of a password manager and some auto form fills. How can I get the name updated?


@jude @larry @muneeb
In the Voucher, my legal name is missed my Middle name.

My full name is "Nguyen Son Loc"
But in the Voucher, there is only "Nguyen Loc"
It missed “Son”, my middle name.

My Voucher number is 10918
Please, help me!

I’ll have someone send you a corrected voucher

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Thank you very much! :heart_eyes:

@larry I have the same issue. My email is [email protected] but need the voucher in my fill name: Michael Scott Irwin.

Can you please resend?

I have slightly different question. Can there be any problems if a voucher contains English characters instead of local ones? For example instead of “ń” or “ó”, which are only polish alphabet’s characters, there were “n” or “o” used on a voucher.

@scottirwin Can you please email [email protected] and we will get you taken care of!

@Lebo44 That shouldn’t be an issue! Did you receive your voucher?

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I did! thanks for quick reply

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Great to hear that. I’ve got the same problem with my name containing polish signs.

Please be so kind and look at support ticket #4062 - my voucher lacks middle name.


Looks like we were able to take care of you! Glad you were able to get squared away!

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Yup the best support I’ve ever met. Didn’t blink for a sec and the reply was already at my mailbox.

Kind regards !

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