Stack pending transaction

It’s over 30 hours i have made a transaction of stacks (STX) on my Xverse wallet to bybit exchange but still in pending status after i increase the speed, please help out on what to do.



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@Adem242 would you mind sharing the transaction? Have you checked the transaction history on your address via
Sometimes when a transactions fee is increased the copy with the high fee is picked up before it replaces the old transaction in all nodes. The old transaction would remain pending until it expires after 256 blocks.


Thank you sir, i think the problem is the “nonce”.
I am tired of it, i have seek for help but all is in vain, can i just cancel and start over?


Transactions expire automatically 256 blocks after being submitted. That takes about two days (Stacks 2.4), when all pending transactions are expired you can start over.

If you want more specific help share the transaction. that will help me determine what is going on exactly.

If you want to troubleshoot further on your own you can read the posts on Stacks Discord from here: Discord

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do you have the transaction hash? It could be a nonce issue.