Souq with Squid Integration

Hey everyone, and I (as well as others) are in the process of working on integrating Squid w/ Souq (link to repo issue)

Quick summary video of Souq:
Quick summary video of Squid:

To better understand what we are doing, first you must realize that currently a Souq user when creating a Project that needs funded, currently only captures a single set of coordinates (latitude and longitude).

Squid surveys the quality of a road and scores it, when doing so it in essence is capturing an array of latitudes and longitude in association to a series of images, these images are analyzed automatically and scored based on quality of it individually.

For integration to take place, we will be altering the Souq Project coordinates property to now now include two additional new sub properties, squid and score … The centroid location will be used to when setting the latitude and longitude properties that all Projects must have.

This will ensure that the Proximity based queries will still render properly, as well as enabling the score to a usable parameter when running a query.

This will ultimately facilitate a pro-active solution for road repair and maintenance by allowing the community and contractors to more easily identify the higher priority roads needing repair.

We would appreciate any feedback, also please realize this is a short term integration solution for beta testing primarily, ideally the long term solution (IMO), would be for the Squid Survey data to be stored in a users preferred storage provider via Blockstacks GAIA.