Souq Feedback Request

Hello Everyone,

I’m hoping to get some user feedback about Cryptocracy and Souq

Please visit and answer some if not all of the following:

  • Is the overview about Souq confusing? (If confusing please provide detail on what part is confusing?)
  • Is it clear how to get started using Souq?
  • In what ways would you improve the sites onboarding/overview presentation?

Please login to Souq at and answer some if not all of the following:

  • How would you describe the Dashboard?
  • Is it clear on how edit the Dashboards Map default epicenter?
  • Is it confusing how to add another user as a Contact?
  • Did you know you have to add a user as a Contact first before you can send BTC to them by Name?
  • Are Tags overly complicated? eg should their creation be streamline when creating other content?
  • Are Markers confusing?
  • Any suggestions on how improve the creation, integration, and management of Images?
  • What features for Events would be you like to see happen ASAP?
  • Did you know you can favorite other peoples public content and use the favorites in as attributes in your own content?
  • In your opinion what is the most important feature that is currently available?
  • In your opinion what is the most important feature that is currently missing?

Any and all comments, questions, or concerns are welcome!

Great app, love the concept but it is confusing. Any way to publish a sample case study on how each aspect would be used?

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Thanks for the reply, we will release updated video’s showcasing how Souq can be used asap.

I would like to start by stating that Souq is meant to be an open platform where users can receive funds relative to the content they create with a diverse yet modular set of components that can facilitate a large range of expression for user funding needs, and by proxy, the largest possible set of use cases.

Before we dive into some details I would also like to point out that once the Tasks and Projects components go live, aside from empowering more use cases, the user experience will become much more intuitive. (and continue to become more intuitive as all the components mature).

So kin the mean time, I’ll just provide a couple quick example use cases.
1st is an example how someone could use the app in its current live build.
2nd is an example of how someone could use the app once its upcoming build goes live.

1st Event example (with current build):

Lets say you are needing to get the word out about a upcoming fund raiser for the local school next month. With Souq you could create some content that could receive funds before the fund raiser started, while also empowering the discovery and coordination of time and location for the Event:

Create a Marker (for its location based search, perhaps at the School)
Create some Tags. (for its keyword search)
Create a Image, w/ some Tags as properties. (pic could be perhaps event Flyer?)
Create a Event w/ Date & Time of Event Fund Raiser, w/ a Marker & Tags & Images as properties.

2nd Task example (with upcoming build):

Lets say you have the ambition to fill in a pesky local Pothole that has been neglected for far to long.
With Souq you could create content that can be used for the specific stated objective and Goal of a Task:

Create a Marker (for its location search, at the location of the pothole)
Create some Tag(s). (for its keyword search)
Create some Image(s), w/ a Marker & Tags as properties. (for its before & after pics)
Create a Task w/ a Goal, w/ a Due Date, w/ a Marker & Tags & Images as properties.(w/ before & after pics that prove the work was completed)

Some important properties of Souq that might not be obvious at first glance.
If you Add a user as Contact, and that users Blockstack Identity has a BTC proof defined. Then with the in app Souq Wallet you can Send BTC by Name. (Adding & Favoring Contacts will also serve as the means of “following” someone, once the Feed component is ready to go live too)

When you Favorite other peoples public non archived content, you are not just bookmarking the content for easier review later, but you enabling yourself to use said content as properties in the content you create.

When you log in for the first time, your Dashboard Map has a default epicenter near Portland Oregon, if you want to change the default epicenter location to be where you prefer, simply change it by clicking your Avatar near the top right then going to Settings.

When creating content, its discovery(ability to be found in search) is based on key words (ergo needs Tags), and or based on relative Proximity(ergo needs Marker) and or based on a aggregate Feed of the content created by Contacts, and or based on direct discovery when viewing content on Profile pages.

Any and all questions or feedback is welcome.