Something wrong about my defined id on blockstack

I see my old id (I hope), but what I got in the re-registration, wasn’t this id.

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But on the dropbox, I found my 's profile.json…
This is a big plus for blockstack ideas, I should express. I store my information, I can save it well.
But… But the re-registration wasn’t enough clever from my side? Or I should do something?Screenshot_20200202_123539

Any opinion?

It is not clear what the problem is?
What I understand is that your username expired, now you are in the blockstack browser and you don’t have the username anymore?

This is your owner address, correct? 151mfggySAXs5YKgcMEpEUfti7yNn3hvvu

Many thanks your support. I used a Mac Air to install some years ago Blockstack.
My Mac Air was stolen in late 2018… I miss many information, but my passphrase was backed up, and my data was also reachable on the Net, in my Dropbox account. I would like to use my old account, me seems it was also on some BTC Addresses also a portion BTC. Without my Mac Air I can’t check, what a BTC Address I used there. I searching informations, but I am very busy, last week I was on the go and I had a curt hearing also. I checked my id in the Blockstack Explorer: …/name/ it seems to be existing. I don’t undestand really, what are the informations, I searching help here… I searching in my backups more data at this time.

If you have your passphrase, your data is save. shows that your name has expired. You should be able to renew it using the blockstack browser. Make sure that it is the same owner address as you have used previously. If I understand the data at correctly, the name was owned by this address: 151mfggySAXs5YKgcMEpEUfti7yNn3hvvu
(At least my owner address is the same as in the transfer message.)

Good. I think, I don’t own already any secret key more to the address 151mfggy…hvuu, but all my social links (twitter, face,, …) remained. What can I do? I searching a backup for my old address (151mfggy…hvuu, and other addresses too - they are maybe on my old phone - in Mycelium or on my MacAir) but up to yesterday I don’t find any on the backup materials, as me remained. My wife at this time divorcing, and I have no access to my old home, my old house… But I hope, the concept of Blockstack can help me, because I registered some plus information (i.e. social links above…) also in my old Blockstack account. I must go to the city, but I am back at evening (city = Budapest). Many thanks to supporting me :slight_smile: I hope my case will show, what a big benefit Blockstack has - in the identification of persons.

Your passphrase is the secret key to your address 151mf… (I hope). Have a look in the identity section of the blockstack browser. There you will find your owner address and you can click on more to see more addresses (those are all controlled by the phase phrase).

In the screenshot below you see first three addressed (ID-…) that are controlled by the passphrase.

I found my address, 18e2cF4sn5hvwFHMxvaaoZ1TJfsT3szxEv , from I deposited 0.25 BTC to an address, which seems me a multi-sig address: 3L3H98bAAuTYoNp4SdZFrTjjKTzCjD5tpF . This address (a multi-sig address with the early Blockstak?) was used to do some payments because of my Blockstack id:

It has some balance, and it wasn’t touched since the first Blockstack-NAME-OP’s … It has a balance! ~0.23 BTC. It would be great to reach it …
If I open Blockstack-Browser, and I give my secret-words, then I see my address above, as wallet address: 18e2cF4sn5hvwFHMxvaaoZ1TJfsT3szxEv
Where should I save my old profile.json? I think it including many information about me - maybe it helps to reach, the 3L3H98bAAuTYoNp4SdZFrTjjKTzCjD5tpF balance also… I think I can have some hopes, because the backup, what I found for the address : 18e2cF4sn5hvwFHMxvaaoZ1TJfsT3szxEv
Any idea, what should I do as next? Where I should store the profile.json?
Many thanks for the support!

Great that you could recover the wallet address already. Note, that all these addresses are derived from your passphrase.

Now, you should find out if “3L3H98bAAuTYoNp4SdZFrTjjKTzCjD5tpF” is derived from the same passphrase. What do you see in the identity tab? What do you see if you click on “More” and add a new identity? What do you see if you add a third identity?

The profile.json is just your public profile. You can keep it for yourself and write a new one using the Blockstack Browser. It contains your name (you should now it anyway) and a list of apps that you have used (if you still want to use them just go to the website, if the app does not exist anymore and you think that you have important data in these apps then we should open a new thread… otherwise, the list of apps is recreated by Blockstack Browser while you authenticate to Blockstack apps).

Many thanks, I try it… I am today at home.

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It is not the same. The first adress was also not the same, but a little similar. My own btc address: 18e2cF4sn5hvwFHMxvaaoZ1TJfsT3szxEv
and here is the id’s …:

It was - maybe - changed the algo - to generate addresses from the secret words? I should check it… Blockstack was very young at that time.

Just a question again. I have the data of my old profile: profile.json. Me seems, I lost my orig passphrase, maybe the passphrase was changed, maybe not I changed it, maybe the backup was not correct. But, I have my profile.json, and I have my social links, bitcoin address as key - what I linked in my old profile to my old blockstack id, account. The power would be in a such situation, the id and the account to recover - without any orig passphrase, with owning a wining set the proofs of ownership to the SAME social links and keys (and maybe user data?). Maybe enough ONE such proof - i.e. an official id of a government in a critical situation, or many old links and keys (and data?) (i.e. 50%+) owned by someone, or … I think it should be exists a such possibility. I waiting on your opinions.

Any opinion?