Site split – Consumers, developers

So I have been thinking that we have a tough time with our communications in that we have two large market segments;

  • Consumers
  • Developers

These two segments have many segments of their own but we currently have to separation in speak for each. Unless we are the best marketers in the world, and I feel we have a long way to go to claim that title, there’s no way we can execute both. As much as I’d like to think we’re smarter than the folks at Slack, kidding, we’re not. Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Stripe, etc… All have a consumer facade when visiting their main landing page, then they all have a /developers portal where developers go to build cool shit on their platforms.

Somewhere along the way did we decided that we a) know better than the platforms mentioned above and b) have more combined years marketing exp than them?

We are trying to communicate so many messages at our market segments that there’s no way they’re hearing half of what we’re saying.

I’d like to propose talking to our consumers on the landing view and then talking to our developers on /developers


Yes. Totally agree. If we’re going to have “login with Blockstack” buttons around, our messaging for people trying to login with Blockstack should be front and center.

I agree with the divide in general but my understanding is that we’re mostly just focusing on developers in the short-term. The current version of the website has the language “Build on the New Internet” and all links i.e., docs/tutorials, papers, (engineering) blog, and videos and all focused on developers. I don’t think there is much content for consumers on our site right now. The two things I can think of that can interest consumers are (a) the browser and (b) high-level talks like the TEDx one.

Slack has and If we’re making a divide for consumers and developers then I’d suggest keeping for developers and have a separate section where the content can be more targetted for a non-technical audience.

I’d continue the focus on developers until at which time we’re ready for developers to start shipping apps integrated with Blockstack to their users.

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Then we should never talk about consumers. We just cannot execute both in one message. We don’t have a copy team of 10 working full-time on this for one month straight. IMO

I didn’t even know that we were targeting consumers in the new messaging :slight_smile:

And LOL @ copy team. I guess no company/projects less than a 1000 people in size would have that luxury.

I also agree whole heartily.

This is definitely one thing I thought about how blockstack is going to get people to use it over the current options for web browsing.

As a junior developer, it is hard enough for me to understand fully how I can get involved in something that has so many moving parts, with stacks that I don’t know yet, and problems that are beyond my understanding at this point. To have this mixed in with how to promote blockstack to the general community it could create problems.

So I think this is a great point you brought up Larry.

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Actually when talking about our demographic, we all keep saying, “but it still needs to speak to the consumer.” which technically means we are not focusing 100% on the developer. If we want to mention the word consumer, even in casual conversations, it will influence our decision making. I feel if there is no site split, there should never be talk about the consumer. If that’s where we are today. Then perfect. We’re doing a great job.

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