SIP 9 and SIP 10 transfer signature difference :-/

There are two SIP that include a transfer function in SIP 9 and SIP 10. Unfortunately, the response type do not play nicely with regards to the errors, only uses uint the other {kind:(string-ascii 32), code: uint}.

feat: proposed fungible token trait by hstove

There is also a discussion about error code in clarity in general:

What is the process to bring SIP 9 and SIP 10 inline? Is it already too late as the sips are in activation process.

//cc @jude @hank

Neither SIP is ratified yet, so you’re more than welcome to make changes :slight_smile:

Isn’t ratification automatic after activation?

SIP-000 requires the steering committee to follow the SIP activation procedure to determine whether or not the SIP is ratified, but it doesn’t place a deadline on the SIP author to make changes to the SIP. If you updated the SIP’s Activation section to stipulate that the trait with the intended method signatures must activate, then that would be permitted.