SIP-009 Transfer Function NonFungiblePostCondition

Hello everyone, I need some help with create a nonFungiblePostCondition for an SIP-009 Transfer function.

The documentation is SUPER CONFUSING, because the terms “postConditionAddress” and “assetAddress” are not clear defined.

I’ve tried every combination under the sun and I cannot execute this transfer. The contract works perfectly in Clarient Console.

Can anyone provide some insight or supply a working example. My frontend is using JSX on Next13. The app works great to mint, list, and unlist. The buy and transfer functions are failed due to these postConditions.
Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 7.51.16 PM

Here is a github repo with the issue:

Node version: 18.16
Clarinet Version: 1.7.1
npx: 9.5.1
NextJS: 13.4.13

Figured it out. Here is a link to a Discord discussion with the solution:
Post Condition Solution on Stacks Discord

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