Simple newbie question about development

Hello, I am a newbie dev learner who’s trying to build a Dapp using Blockstack.

I don’t quite understand the concept of Gaia even though I read the docs.

Should I use firebase or AWS for the Dapp to be deployed, hosted and seen by the public on the web?


Can I use Gaia to do the things above? If not, is Gaia only for data storing? then should I use firebase for hosting, and Gaia for data storing?

You can use Gaia for storage and hosting of public data. It’s not firebase, as you may have seen, but in terms of hosting and deployment, you can use gaia yourself, or check out RunKod and XorBrowser. Both allow you to host dapps in Gaia.

I currently use Netlify, personally, but am moving to Runkod.