Sign in with blockstack


I am new with blockstask.
I have Blockstack-core and Blockstack-browser installed on my ubuntu machine.

when I try to login with blockstack in the hello or the forum. it redirects me to the installation page.
there is a note saying to enable the auth handler, but I can’t see where to enable it.

another problem is when I integrated the blockstack.js, blockstack.isUserSignedIn() is always set to false.

Thank you in advance.

@MaherBTA The docker installer for Linux has a protocol handler installation you should be able to use:

Thank you,

you might hit the point. I used the docker handler. and then executed the blockstack.desktop it redirects me to “localhost:8888/auth?authRequest=” an empty page.
and still I can’t login with blockstack.

that means I am not connected?

Same situation for me.