Sigle - A decentralized blog maker

Hi there!

Super hyped to announce the first version of Sigle, a decentralized, open source and simple to use blog maker.

Since it’s the first version it’s pretty basic for now but are working hard to make it better every days!
Here is a list of some incoming features we have planned:

  • Improved editor with mobile support
  • Customize the logo and name of your blog
  • Custom domain names
  • Add some tags to your stories
  • And more to come …

What kind of features would you like Sigle to support?
Let us know in the comments :slight_smile: !

Website of the app: and

Any feedback welcome!


Customize the backgrounds and fonts.
You’ve got interesting ideas.

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Yesterday we released a big update for Sigle!

Here is a list of the new features we released:

  • The default theme now have a decent styling :paintbrush:
  • We created a settings section for your stories, you can now add a cover image!
  • The editor now support shortcuts for the stylings, for example press ctrl + b (or cmd + b for mac users) and the text will be bold :sunglasses:
  • We updated blockstack to the last version 18.3.0
  • We released a new blog post that show all the elements that you can use

Expect more features coming in the next few weeks, we are working hard to make sigle the best writing app for the blockstack community!

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We are live on producthunt today, so if you like the project go check it out!


I haven’t updated this post for a long time, so here is the latest update :smiley:

The new dashboard is now live, this redesign is essential for us to be ready for what will come next :writing_hand:

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We also have a new documentation to help you if you have any question regarding Sigle: live at

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Sigle is turning one year old! :wink:

Oh yes, you are right, I didn’t notice ahah :smiley:

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Looking back at this thread just signifies progress. Keep it up mate. Hope to bump into you soon.

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New feature released last week:

:wrench: The SETTINGS page is here! You can choose a logo or profile picuture, primary color, name your blog and more.

:frame_photo: We redesigned our basic theme. That’s something else.

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This is great to see! I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

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This is awesome, the colors now tie into my main site, I was able to add a logo, and it feels more like “my blog” - thank you for that!!

Great job with all the work you are doing, and thank you!

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Thanks for the kind words, glad you like the update :smiley:

RSS feeds are live on Sigle :rainbow:

To access a blog feed, add /api/feed/ before their username.

For example:

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:zap:New feature live for Sigle
You can now feature any published story on your blog.
:pushpin: The featured story will shows up on top of your blog with a wider image to make it more visible for your readers.