Shower thoughts - Egg and chicken problem

Blockstack uses App Mining to incentive developers so they can build great apps. But what’s the best app? How an app become a great app?

Your definition of the best app may be different than me. Someone who love to learn new stuffs, watch videos - (s)he like Youtube. Debaters like Twitter. In my country, people like Facebook.

So in my country if you make a poll - what app do you like most?

  1. Youtube
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook

Facebook will win.

I can’t answer the question - what’s the best app. But I know one thing - every great app has massive users. But how to get massive users? It has to be a great app… Egg and chicken problem here.

What I want to say is if a project only focus on Devs XOR Users, it will not success.


In my country YouTube is one of the most popular apps; however, facebook and twitter are not used that often and are replaced by local apps.

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As an American in Italy 20 years ago, I remember being super surprised by how many people were using cell phones. Everyone had one and used one and were walking around with them all the time. Same time period, in Germany, all these really cute compact SUVs, just started seeing them here in the US like 5 years ago.

The point being, I guess, is look at the market you are in for ideas as suggested by @CryptoInterested . And everyone loves beautifully crafted interfaces. That is universal, suggesting you are wise to partner with a designer or user test early and often.