Sharing data at the same time

Given a dating app that keeps your profile information private until you match: How would you handle the sharing information at the same time? In order to prevent another user being able to see my data before I get to see theirs.

If I were to encrypt my data with their public key they would be able to find it and encrypt it without them having to do the same right? Or would you just block this route in the frontend until they have encrypted their data with my public key and made it available to me as well?

I’m curious about best practices here.

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Without an API, you could wait until both are online at the same time and then share/download at the same time, though that would be annoying.

One easier method would be to have an intermediary API where person A would encrypt their data with person B’s public key, send it to the API, and then person B would fetch & decrypt when they are online again (as well as the whole process happening the other way from B to A).

edit technically this api could also send the push notification and/or websocket to both of them so it’s instant.

We don’t have the ability to send data to other user’s GaiaHubs, but even Inboxes would have enough space for an entire profile’s data.

These are just my thoughts at least.