Setting up a GAIA-hub - what to add in config.json?

I am taking a stab at setting up a GAIA-hub but need some guidance on what to set in the config.json. Is there any documentation available?

For example, I have my AWS keys available but what do I enter in the other fields?

“servername”: “”,
“port”: 3000,
“driver”: “”,
“bucket”: “”,
“readURL”: “”,
“awsCredentials”: {
“accessKeyId”: “”,
“secretAccessKey”: “”

Thanks for opening this. Here are some more details than I gave you on Slack:

  // This should be the fully qualified domain name for the server: e.g.
  "servername": "",
  // The port that the gaia hub will listen on
  "port": 3000,
  // Name of the storage driver to use. Pick 'aws', 'azure' or 'disk'
  "driver": "aws",
  // Root bucket URL or custom domain that is configured in front of the bucket.
  "readURL": "",
  // Cache control headers to add to storage writes
  "cacheControl": "public, max-age=1",
  // Your aws access credentials
  "awsCredentials": {
    "accessKeyId": "{{my_aws_access_key}}",
    "secretAccessKey": "{{my_aws_secret_key}}",
  // Number of valid social proofs a profile is required to have before writes are accepted
  "proofsConfig": {
    "proofsRequired": 2,
  "argsTransport": {
    // Winston logging options:

P.S. This code might help understand how the drivers are loaded.

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Hello, I’m setting up gaia-hub on Azure. Can someone share their sample config.json for Azure based storage environment?