Sent Onename to the wrong Blockstack address, can I correct it?

So, it seems like I have transferred my Blockstack name from Onename to my Blockstack wallet instead of into the names section by mistake. Does anyone know the commands I would use to correct this?

blockstack deposit
    "address": "3JGrvH5q3kxesJnEEGEoKv48AfWYT8VquL",
    "message": "Send bitcoins to the address specified."
blockstack import
    "address": "384amTUt7Nw2dh54DG9e74BbfoffoRuSFH",
    "message": "Send the name you want to receive to the address specified."
blockstack whois
    "block_preordered_at": 374118,
    "block_renewed_at": 374118,
    "expire_block": 489247,
    "has_zonefile": true,
    "last_transaction_height": 475267,
    "last_transaction_id": "1e8083e87cc45795625f2b5df9b5af861b18090422babdab8b1e75c75c678af7",
    "owner_address": "3JGrvH5q3kxesJnEEGEoKv48AfWYT8VquL",
    "owner_script": "a914b5e8a37b0e47eda71414404a913fe7696924207287",
    "zonefile_hash": "ab80f5b717d5da7320110c4c149dc457d994fbee"

This looks to be a possible solution. The problem is the first command doesn’t work for me. Not sure if this has changed between versions, if there was a bug in the version I am running, or if I am doing something wrong.

blockstack wallet
No such command "wallet"
blockstack --version

You’ll need to reconfigure your core node wallet to use the private keys of the money wallet as the identity wallet. As to exactly how to do that, @jude should be able to help you out.

I think I have it sorted now, thanks!

@jude wondering if you could help me with another question. My Onename profile has had the flash message Profile update pending: once the blockchain confirms the data this notice will disappear (~1 hour) for a while now and it doesn’t seem to be associated with my Blockstack one (I say this as my Blockstack lookup still has my old description). Can they be joined or migrated somehow? Thanks!