Sending messages / notifications with Blockstack

Is the concept of sending notifications / messages between nodes available in Blockstack ?

From reading the papers this functionality does not appear to be available. Reading this blog in relation to 2015 Blockstack summit : Blockstore implements this functionality :

“One way the blockchain can be used for devops, Jude explained, would be to have a developer run a Blockstore node locally, and deploy another Blockstore node on their server. Given this setup, both the developer and the VM would use Blockstore to fetch each other’s public key from the blockchain to send signed/encrypted messages to one another with no risk of a man-in-the-middle attack. Similarly, a developer could use Blockstore for secure software or file distribution by first signing the data with the key linked to their blockchain ID, then having the recipient, who is also running their own Blockstore node, download the file and check the signature using the key linked to the developer’s blockchain ID. Jude’s presentation demonstrated the general applicability of the blockchain for solving key distribution problems and improving the usability of secure communications tools.”

Can same be implemented on Blockstack ?

Hey @aronayne!

Blockstack nodes are all part of an unstructured peer to peer network and sync data between one another.

One could use this process to ensure data gets synced to all the nodes, although this would require an update to DNS zone files (and thus a blockchain transaction.

Outside of this there is no message or notification system between nodes.

And to clarify, blockstore was actually incorporated into Blockstack, so @jude’s comments still apply.