Segwit and Blockstack

Now that Segwit is locked in, it’s a good time to ask if there are implications for Blockstack and what will we have to do to support it.

Is it simply a matter of adding wallet support?

cc @jude

We don’t have to do anything at first since normal transactions work in Segwit (they’re just less efficient).

In the future, we can make transactions Segwit-compatible. I need to figure out how it affects our Bitcoin driver in virtualchain first.

Cool! That will reduce our cost of name registrations even more!

Hi, any updates? Were you able to figure it out? I see new addresses created in blockstack are still legacy addresses, not segwit…

Blockstack 0.17 supports using p2sh-p2wpkh and p2sh-p2wsh transactions for names. The outputs look like p2sh addresses, but most of the scriptsig is moved into the witness. The Browser doesn’t make use of them yet, however, but will soon.