Seeking a co-founder/Dapp Developer

I would like to create an app for cattle ranchers to be able to provide traceability in their product (grass-fed/grass-finished beef). These cattle ranchers (in CO, AZ, OR) are fed up of not getting the premium price for following strict standards in producing quality beef. Unlike the big named beef producers like Tyson, Cargill, etc., these ranchers are left in the dust as far as getting a fair price. Currently, they have no a way to prove that their cows are ‘grassfed/grass-finished’. Hence, they are offered pennies on the dollar for their products by processors, distributors, grocery chains, and restaurants. By having proofs and traceability only can they get better prices on their beef. There may be a second app where consumers can trace the meat back to the ranchers. I believe this can be expanded to include chicken, fish, etc. in the future.

I’m looking for someone who is highly technical with a background in blockchain, blockstack, and dapp to help make this app a reality. Kknowledge of RFID technology is a plus! Please let me know if you’re interested.


I will be interested, please reach me on [email protected]

Charles, thanks for reaching out. However, that email address you listed is not valid as it returned an err as undelivered.


Sorry for the error, i have chaged it please check.
looking forward to hear from you.


Love this concept. My name is Joe. I have been a big blockstack fan since inception. We also developed a renewal website for .ids, We take on development projects, do you have a business plan for app? Be well

Hi Joe,
Thanks for asking. I have a high overview of the plan. Would you be interested? If so, please email me [email protected].


sent you email Kristen, sorry for late reply. Look forward to conversing. Be well