sBTC/Nakamoto Education Series (Friday SIP Calls)

The Stacks ecosystem is growing rapidly, with major upgrades like the Nakamoto release and new features like sBTC on the horizon. To help community members learn more, during the normal Friday Community SIP calls I will be hosting a 6-part education series focused on sBTC and the Nakamoto release over the coming weeks (First session was this last Friday, 10/6).

The education series will take place during the Friday Stacks SIP Community Call at 12 PM EST. Topics will include:

Session 1: Introduction to sBTC and Stacks Blockchain (10/06/2023)

Session 2: Technical Deep Dive into sBTC (10/13/2023)

Session 3: StackerDB and sBTC Ecosystem (10/27/2023)

Session 4: Nakamoto Upgrade Overview (11/03/2023)

Session 5: Nakamoto Consensus and Incentives (11/10/2023)

Session 6: Developing for Nakamoto (11/17/2023)

This is a great opportunity to level up your knowledge of these new Stacks features. Attendance is free and open to all. See you there and tell your friends!