Say hello to Stacks!

We’re thrilled to officially introduce Stacks : a single brand that can represent the various entities and community groups working to build a user-owned internet on Bitcoin.

We have developed a complete brand system, equipped with the very first Stacks logo, a design kit, and branding guidelines, that anyone can use to customize their own Stacks-related projects.

The introduction of the Stacks brand celebrates an important milestone for our community: the formation of the Stacks Ecosystem. Over the years, what began as a simple open source project (i.e. Blockstack) has grown into many related projects, independent entities, and a worldwide community.

Think of Stacks as the “umbrella brand” that unites all those groups under one cause. Each group may have its own specialized brand and focus (e.g. Daemon vs. Freehold vs. Stacks Foundation), but they are all connected by three key features of the Stacks brand:

  1. Built on the Stacks 2.0 blockchain
  2. Leverages the Stacks (STX) token
  3. Committed to building a user-owned internet on Bitcoin

Thanks to everyone who has worked with us throughout this process, sharing feedback on Discord and in focus groups. This is a crucial development for the Stacks Ecosystem and we’re excited to see how the Stacks brand will further empower our community.

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