Sample apps sign-in not working

I’m trying to play around with the sample apps from the docs (“hello world” and “todo list”) but I can’t get the sign-in to work when running these apps locally. I’m using the web-app browser in Firefox on Linux.

I cloned the “todo list” repo ( and after running npm install and npm start, the application opens up in my browser on a localhost port. Next, when I click on “Sign in with Blockstack”, the browser opens up and shows me the following error message.

Any idea what I can do to get past this? Thanks!

Is it a problem with mixed content, i.e. the manifest is served from http, but the is served from https? Firefox only allows mixed content from You can see that in the console log.

Does it work if you launch the app from instead of localhost?

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Ah cool, that was easy. works. Thanks!

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