I’m very glad to announce beta release of Runkod! We’ve been working on Runkod for past few months and excited to share our vision and MVP of the project.

Runkod is a decentralized hosting platform for any client side web (html, javascript, frontend frameworks etc.) applications (dApps) and static web publishing.

Built top on Gaia storage. It is 100% Blockstack application. No 3rd party services are used.

Main purpose of Runkod is to provide a decentralized and stable hosting platform to dApp developers (especially Blockstack developers) and help them to speed up their deployment processes while reducing their server expenses. We believe Runkod is one of the crucial steps to build Decentralized Internet with Blockstack!

Those who are looking for an alternative hosting provider for their Blockstack dApps can start to migrate their applications to Runkod. It is super simple and elegant.

You can choose a subdomain under (e.g. or use your own domain name. Runkod instantly creates and manages ssl certificates for custom domain names.

Beta testers are welcome! Your feedback is extremely valuable for us. Check it out and let us know what do you think.

PS. Runkod is beta, we recommend you to test with a subdomain and configure custom domains later.

Website | Source Code



Woot! :star_struck::rocket:

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