Restore Account from Onename account

I have a Onename profile. When I run blockstack-browser I’m prompted to either restore an account or create one. Should I restore an account using my onename identity or create a new account?

If I should restore my account, where do I find my “backup phrase?” I have an “App encrypted secret” is that the same thing?

If I should create a new account, how does my onename identity and the blockstack browser work together?

You’ll need to transfer your Onename name to the Blockstack Browser wallet.

To do that, you’ll need to get an identity owner address from your browser wallet and export your name from Onename to that address.

We’ll enable a feature in the Browser very soon to provide that ability.

You can stack status of the feature in this github issue:

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Yiha! Ticket moved into Doing for current release. Still might take a bit but this is getting there. Thanks guys.