[Resource] UX questions during app mining

Find below the questions that UX/UI testers where asked during the app mining program:

Scenario You heard about this website from a friend, and wanted to check it out for yourself.

Impression test
Task 1 Please take a minute to briefly look around this page. What other sites would you compare this to? What questions do you have about how this site works and/or what you can do with it?
Task 2 If you have not already, please create an account and log in (use the Blockstack sign-in option).
Task 3 (Quick checkpoint: Make sure you are still on the Note Riot website. Verify and move to the next task.)
Task 4 What are the main functionalities and benefits of this product? Are these valuable to you?
Task 5 Try using the product. Be sure to fully test out the main functionalities and benefits. Do they work as expected? Is there anything you can’t figure out how to do?
Task 6 Please describe any final thoughts you have about this app, positive or negative.

Post-test Survey
What was the worst thing about your experience?
What other aspects of the experience could be improved?
What did you like about the website?
What other comments do you have for the owner of the website?