[Resolved] Why don't I have an apps key in my profile.json?

I tried to see what is the diff between profile.json of dev_android_sdk.id.blockstack(given in example) and mine dilipkumar.id.blockstack
dev_android_sdk.id.blockstack has apps key under claim key -------->>
apps": {
https://flamboyant-darwin-d11c17.netlify.com”: “https://gaia.blockstack.org/hub/1CroEcMCtJUuvCLyjeqNToRURB8DjH2Uo2/

whereas I didnt find any thing similer to above in my profile.json

dev_android_sdk.id.blockstack : - https://gaia.blockstack.org/hub/1Akc4hagxfYfDq9suMp1wjjyC5RwxJ7D3H/profile.json
dilipkumar.id.blockstack :- https://gaia.blockstack.org/hub/1G8KbFwJ7JGSDQ3bjpDZKiEFLZFzukrB9N/profile.json (edited)

My bad I didnt added proper scope while sigin !:persevere: