Request for Testing: Alpha Mining Bot

Hi Everyone,

Daemon Technologies recently released the Alpha version of our open source Mining Bot. We’re looking for folks to try the app out on testnet and provide feedback on functionality, design, and the documentation. We offer the app and documentation in both English and Mandarin, and very much welcome testing and feedback for both.

You can see the documentation and get started installing the app here.

Feedback is welcome either as issues on Github, or as replies to this thread. Thanks everyone who has already provided some feedback, and looking forward to getting more!


Umi: not found (see screenshot for details)

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 10.30.25 PM

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npm install before npm start.
截屏2020-11-23 下午1.13.48


Hello, I am trying to run the Alpha Mining Bot on a VPS, but when I press “Get Node Status”, there is an Network error and I can not mining. Please let me know about this issue.

Can you provide more details? What does the log of the Mining-Local-Server look like?

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So many people asked me this question. I guess the Mining-Bot-Client is running in a server and so Mining-Local-Server does. Actually the Mining-Bot-Client is not designed as a web app in public network, it should connect with Mining-Local-Server in localhost network. When you open the Client as a web app, the Mining-Local-Server should be deployed in your own computer but not in the server.

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Yes, you are right. I installed both the Mining-Bot-Client and Mining-Local-Server on a Linux VPS. So could I still install the testnet node and miner on that VPS. The Mining-Bot-Client and Mining-Local-Server will be installed in my computer? Sorry for my bad IT skill, I am trying to test a lot but still not working.

I know that, here is my suggestion:
The Mining-Bot-Client could be installed anywhere, the Mining-Local-Server and stacks-node must be installed in localhost network(usually your own computer).

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Thank you for the suggestion. That is helpful for me. One more question is if I install the stacks-node in my computer, does that mean I have to leave my computer on 24/7 to mine STX? I really want to run the node on a VPS so I don’t have to keep turn on my computer 24hours a day.

About it I think I can create an issue in github for you in Mining-Bot Client.
Because Mining-Bot is designed as a local app for no-tech users. So I didn’t think about running stacks-node and client in VPS. But I will think of the demand of how to run it in the server on 24/7.
Maybe release on the next version of next update.

Great, thank you so much for your time and the support.

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Here is the issue.

The key to solve this problem is how to control the access of Mining-Local-Server in your own server. Now I want to use something like password or public key to achieve it. You can follow the issue and give any feedback in Github.

Thanks for your feedback, it’s really helpful.

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I installed all: stacks-node, Mining-Bot-Client and Mining-Local-Server on one Ubuntu 2.04 Virtual Machine.
When I trying click “Mining Client” link I get an error “Network Error, Cannot Connect to The Server”
What’s the problem? Where are the logs located?