Request for suggestions the way to go to store and execute smartcontracts while in development

Now we are facing the need to register on the blockchain the different types of smartcontracts that our dapp produces. We have them in two flavours, written in Lisp for PACT of Kadena or Clarity of Blockstack. The execution is only working in PACT VM for the moment.
As we are advancing to the registration in the Blockchain with payments, we are wondering which way to go while Clarity And Stack 2.0 are being discussed and in development.
We need to store each smartcontract and register its hash in the blockchain. At the same time that smartcontract will be retrieved and different functions executed by the different allowed users.
Now, the ways could be:

  1. Use the Kadena IO hybrid Blockchain and PACT VM to operate, store and execute the stored smartcontract. This is working both the Blockchain as the PACT VM.
  2. Use the Bitcoin Blockchain and Blockstack Clarity VM to operate, store and execute the stored smartcontract. The Bitcoin Blockchain is working and VM is working in test mode temporarily we could be using GAIA.
    It would be very useful for us to have some feedback and ideas on how to face this challenge. Also @Aaron your opinion is very welcome. Thanks!
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