Request for feedback on the new Stacks Wallet

Hey everyone!

We’ve been hard at work on the new Stacks Wallet and we’d love for the larger team to weigh in and provide any comments and feedback you might have.

To give a bit of context: there will be two releases, an alpha that Ken has been working on which is a functional prototype, meaning it should work as we intend but have no updates to the designs. After that, we will work on integrating the functional prototype with the designed version I have been working on.

Within the wallet, there are two paths a user can take:

Use a Hardware Wallet: When a user connects their hardware wallet to our software wallet they will be able to send and receive stacks.

Create a Watch Only Wallet: A user who inputs either a public key or single stacks address will only be able to check their balance and see previous transactions.

The main reason we opted to go this route is we don’t want to store a users seed phrase locally on their machine.

Here is the link to the prototype ->

Some feedback already given:

  • Sidebar seems like it could be removed
  • The dashboard and the transactions pages could be combined into one
  • Search is not really possible on the transactions page. (filter by amount/date is though)
  • Sent/Received Tx items should have different looks/colors/icons.
  • Pending/unconfirmed Tx’s should be denoted in some way
  • When in the watch only mode, there should be some indicator to imply that. (other than having no send/receive buttons)

Thanks everyone!


From the mockups it looks really good. It appears to have all of the things you’d want a wallet to have (QR code & copying addresses). Where’s the plan to deploy the wallet? Would it be somewhere in the top of the Blockstack browser, integrated with the BTC wallet perhaps? Or will the BTC wallet go away entirely?

I look forward to messing around with it more once it’s actually deployed!


Thanks for your comment @Kitsana! This will be a stand alone, downloadable wallet for viewing/managing Stacks. We are still working on what to do with the wallet functionality in the browser, and once we have a better idea we’ll either implement it or bring it up to the community like we’re doing here.

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