Renewal process

Sent a renewal in cli for an id. I get tx and confirmation on tx. I didnt have any ustacks depleted from payment account when I sent renewal only bitcoin. What changes? (ei. renewal deadline block, expire block,etc) Thanks

You can pay for your renewal in either Stacks or BTC. It looks like you sent BTC? Can you post the txid?

Sorry this was on testnet, transaction gone. I am looking too see what changes when a renewal is issued. Thanks

Is the renewal pricing the same as a new registration? Thanks

Yes, it should be. However, certain namespaces will let you renew with either Stacks or BTC, so you can renew in a different currency than what you used to register.

What changes are made during renewal?

The block height at which the name expires is pushed back, and you have the chance to both change the name’s zone file hash and owner when you renew.

Jude, trying to get some clarification. I sent a renewal and it says last_txid is registration tx, shouldnt it be renewal tx? Also, Why didnt fields like expire block and renewal deadline change? thanks

5-3-2019 9:03 am
{“status”: “registered”, “expire_block”: 53684, “resolver”: null, “address”: “mfYu1nhqdB91ig7AotQUQyRSWE2C3mmJYU”, “zonefile_hash”: “1daba53db2f76c6d5ae16e37a0c402539e392205”, “renewal_deadline”: 58684, “grace_period”: false, “zonefile”: null, “blockchain”: “bitcoin”, “last_txid”: “dc917195bd4de575ff716e10dacfd2679636dacc64164c4cd69b39e31dfdbbb8”, “did”: "did:stack:v0:mfYu1nhqdB91ig7AotQUQyRSWE2C3mmJYU

“blockHeight”: 1089,
“confirmations”: 9

5-3-2019 9:37 am
bstack@bstack-OptiPlex-7010:~$ blockstack-cli -t renew asante_admin.id2 d41c82a0c55102099cc172dddf0c45c7691493be770b2ceb4dbc6f6364e2ea4101 b615a5b15ebff36e1c98405b26877073d1316b7b253b6f003a9edcef81b166ae01

“blockHeight”: 1123,
“confirmations”: 2
bstack@bstack-OptiPlex-7010:~$ curl
{“status”: “registered”, “expire_block”: 53684, “resolver”: null, “address”: “mfYu1nhqdB91ig7AotQUQyRSWE2C3mmJYU”, “zonefile_hash”: “1daba53db2f76c6d5ae16e37a0c402539e392205”, “renewal_deadline”: 58684, “grace_period”: false, “zonefile”: "$ORIGIN asante_admin.id2\n$TTL 3600\n_http._tcp\tIN\tURI\t10\t1\t""\n\n", “blockchain”: “bitcoin”, “last_txid”: “dc917195bd4de575ff716e10dacfd2679636dacc64164c4cd69b39e31dfdbbb8”, “did”: “did:stack:v0:mfYu1nhqdB91ig7AotQUQyRSWE2C3mmJYU-0”}

Your name renewal didn’t go through for some reason:

$ curl -s | jq
  "1085": [
      "address": "n2WyLJxir49oc9RqNX7BzXPHwCv4NpLXP8",
      "block_number": 1085,
      "burn_address": "mfWxJ45yp2SFn7UciZyNpvDKrzbhyfKrY8",
      "consensus_hash": "8d5fdcbed044a6de44862672eb0e94ea",
      "op": "?",
      "op_fee": 5500,
      "opcode": "NAME_PREORDER",
      "preorder_hash": "b5d93924bef06c935234deea962d3f17b9027fa7",
      "sender": "76a914e65b8239b715e31031a4d3887f07649771e66b4288ac",
      "sender_pubkey": "0378db64933d75ec595639bb8b8cc819b09f733eec7e49286a0feafc9fd2b53628",
      "token_fee": "43325",
      "token_units": "STACKS",
      "txid": "3dac85230230744ccd4cd1a42c473ecc041efd8babaddb96bbd24091f40fce83",
      "vtxindex": 1
  "1089": [
      "address": "mfYu1nhqdB91ig7AotQUQyRSWE2C3mmJYU",
      "block_number": 1085,
      "consensus_hash": null,
      "first_registered": 1089,
      "importer": null,
      "importer_address": null,
      "last_creation_op": "?",
      "last_renewed": 1089,
      "name": "asante_admin.id2",
      "namespace_block_number": 689,
      "op": ":",
      "op_fee": 5500,
      "opcode": "NAME_REGISTRATION",
      "preorder_block_number": 1085,
      "preorder_hash": "b5d93924bef06c935234deea962d3f17b9027fa7",
      "revoked": false,
      "sender": "76a914005e17f334141bf4ce2a0abf943e2076327ab8ba88ac",
      "sender_pubkey": "0378db64933d75ec595639bb8b8cc819b09f733eec7e49286a0feafc9fd2b53628",
      "token_fee": "43325",
      "txid": "dc917195bd4de575ff716e10dacfd2679636dacc64164c4cd69b39e31dfdbbb8",
      "value_hash": "1daba53db2f76c6d5ae16e37a0c402539e392205",
      "vtxindex": 1

Did you pay for your name with Stacks? You need to, since .id2 is a Version-3 namespace (i.e. it only takes Stacks payments). EDIT: I checked the log. This was in fact the reason – you didn’t pay with Stacks, but with Bitcoin.

What is syntax to pay with STACKS? I had stacks in my wallet. I recd trx Number. I just did another test recd a tx #. It depleted btc but not stacks. I did have stacks in payment address. Thanks for help

curl -s
{“1397”: [{“block_number”: 1393, “importer_address”: null, “value_hash”: “cc5273551ae1ba696267be29e0cebf53ba510ae9”, “consensus_hash”: null, “txid”: “09c6875d83f3859e56518d4197f678ee726f9b9d7224acafa599cfd5565e1dc0”, “importer”: null, “preorder_hash”: “0136d5d8e97f3b6df369935a1831a5e7b9227e86”, “first_registered”: 1397, “last_creation_op”: “?”, “namespace_block_number”: 689, “address”: “mkWew9fyfcbFQGoBVWFqeuShzSku72jTZN”, “token_fee”: “43325”, “op_fee”: 5500, “revoked”: false, “last_renewed”: 1397, “sender”: “76a91436ca231e3676a2cf80b9bf357f5743b53fb5ad4688ac”, “name”: “asante_master.id2”, “sender_pubkey”: “0304c5bb24802c8f5bdb1374dfac279cc1331acf2cb7af2589ca2abaaa7765b06c”, “preorder_block_number”: 1393, “opcode”: “NAME_REGISTRATION”, “vtxindex”: 1, “op”: “:”}], “1393”: [{“token_units”: “STACKS”, “block_number”: 1393, “sender”: “76a9144147e89b31e2e1f0f5d39670db6817eb3eac597e88ac”, “consensus_hash”: “d359b666758ec17aca48b0e0742dabd5”, “txid”: “ab47a3c5fab5af8f4f40801579f4ec77a42612f2e3879843e8e4ac5309653667”, “opcode”: “NAME_PREORDER”, “op_fee”: 5500, “burn_address”: “mfWxJ45yp2SFn7UciZyNpvDKrzbhyfKrY8”, “address”: “mmU8MpbMZhWpGAUorwD263XrzpFz3i6zTE”, “preorder_hash”: “0136d5d8e97f3b6df369935a1831a5e7b9227e86”, “token_fee”: “43325”, “op”: “?”, “vtxindex”: 1, “sender_pubkey”: "0304c5bb24802c8f5bdb1374dfac279cc1331acfbstack@bstack-OptiPlex-7010:~
blockstack-cli -t renew asante_master.id2 3fdc60a4444e1237814e2929545e590515829465108f4612ea491f7b8face67101 29ecf89972759543672a74425f2eb6138402a7668d8e71bfa87b78589d1365eb01

blockstack-cli -t balance mmU8MpbMZhWpGAUorwD263XrzpFz3i6zTE
“STACKS”: “49956675”,
“BTC”: “53884500”

You should pass -D STACKS -P $COST_IN_MICROSTACKS. You can get $COST_IN_MICROSTACKS from the /v2/prices/names/$NAME endpoint, or with the prices command.

@jude I just renewed, confirmations are 6+ at this point and when I whois it in the cli, I still see the same "expire_block": 599449,

I figured once it had 6 confirmations, the whois would update.

Looking on the explorer, there’s no new record yet

Do I just need to wait from some Blockstack blockchain process to run or was there an error? The BTC has been deducted from my wallet as payment, so that was correct.

Thanks I just found your renewal in the logs – the transaction was somehow corrupted. I’m looking into this.

When you issued the renewal on the CLI, did you (1) use the latest version and (2) pass a zone file hash to use? Can you try running the renew command again, but passing -x so it does not send the transaction but instead will print it out? Please be sure to use the latest CLI, and do NOT pass a zone file hash or a zone file if you did before – the presence of a zone file hash in your transaction appears to be causing the issue.

I did blockstack-cli renew "$ZAS" "$PAYMENT" where "$ZAS" is the private key for the particular owner key in get_owner_keys exported

Just reinstalled/updated blockstack-cli in npm now. Repo looks like package.json and other files were most recently updated 8 days ago (Aug 15), both version 1.0.0 since there are no Releases so hopefully this helps?

Just a reminder – I highly recommend passing -x first so we can inspect the transaction before it gets sent. You should DM it to me if you want to share, but the thing we’re really interested in seeing is the OP_RETURN output.

Thank you for sharing the command string you passed – that helps narrow things down a bit :+1: