Renaming Hyperchains

As you know, Hiro has been working on a high-throughput, low-latency scaling solution for Stacks called hyperchains. Today we have a community update: we need to rename hyperchains. The trademark for “Hyperchains’’ is already registered, and in order to avoid any potential issues, we want to make this change as swiftly as possible.

At Hiro, we strongly recommend pivoting the name “hyperchains” back to “subnets” for a handful of reasons. Read them in full on the Hiro blog.

We’re not finalizing this pivot yet. We want to give the Stacks community ample time to weigh in on the new (or old) name for hyperchains. If you have questions or comments, tune in to the Hyperchains AMA on August 11th at 3pm EST on Twitter (you can set a reminder for the AMA here) or chime in on the forum thread below.

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Fully support the shift back to subnets, makes sense on every level! Appreciate the Hiro team being so proactive about making sure we land on a quality, useable name :pray:


I think its a great and necessary move. :+1:

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SGTM, cheers.

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Going back to subnets is fine.