Relation between blockstack browser and blockstack wallet

If I run blockstack wallet I can see my owner address with my id ( In the blockstack browser profile, I see a different address and I there I have also the blockstack identitiy key (several words).

It is unclear how both are related. I would like to have my id ( added to the blockstack profile in the blockstack browser. How can I achieve that? Could you enlight me how the wallet and the browser profile are related?


They have the same payment address (if you use the correct blockstack api password from the client.ini file). However, they use different addresses to hold usernames…

Hi @friedger sorry about the confusion!

As of the next release of Blockstack v0.17 - the browser will use name owner addresses and bitcoin wallet addresses that are both derived from the 12 word identity key you backed up when setting up the browser. (see

They are unrelated and completely separate wallets.

In earlier versions, we used the wallet address of the now deprecated command line interface (see

To transfer your name from the wallet in the command line interface, you’ll need to run a transfer operation to an address of a Blockstack ID in the browser.