Registration on returning status code 500


I’m interested in registering for the community program. I went to the registration page and tried signing up with my blockstack id, but… keeps returning a 500 error :frowning:

I’m able to sign into graphite successfully so I believe my local blockstack configuration is correct.

OS: linux
blockstack image:

Any ideas/suggestions?

Yes, for past few hours. Not able to login using Blockstack ID. Tried with both Windows & Linux. Any help to bring it up, will be highly appreciated.

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I also experienced the same result, I have tried sign up with blockstack as well as sign in with blockstack. I can successfully sign into Forum, Stealthy and other apps.

Same here and it appears that P. Stanley is reaching out to the site developer to try and resolve the issue.

We can still login via email but I prefer signing in via Blockstack.