Registered an ID that might already be registered

I just registered an id (, and after having initiated the registration I found the link to the block stack explorer and checked in on my id. I was surprised to see that almost immediately the name showed as registered. I’m still getting up to speed on blockchain tech, but it looks like it was registered on a much earlier block and to an owner that isn’t me. However, the system showed the id as available when I was trying out names, and it seems to be associated with my identity address when I log on to block stack. I downloaded block stack today and I’m using v 0.21.4.

Am I misreading the explorer entry here? Am I the owner of that id or not?

Thanks! is owned by 1DpfGxcmTpQZ9SDrzEDTq8YUYxNCxqB89j . If that’s you, then you own the name. The name was renewed very recently (block 498796).

The explorer is also showing some profile information for Tucker Willsie.