Register naemspace with blockstack-cli

blockstack-cli -t make_keychain
“mnemonic”: “sight twin lizard excite galaxy scan utility purity memory useful stand square”,
“ownerKeyInfo”: {
“privateKey”: “8918f370c1b337cba47250dfc938e3668d3df15ce4b81d5ea1932b1d5c2719ab01”,
“version”: “v0.10-current”,
“index”: 0,
“idAddress”: “ID-myKwwAwMKP5zRbcfZGY4bB3UFMiFgjTRRE”
“paymentKeyInfo”: {
“privateKey”: “3742eb6d7d046c910a3330fe1f3f51a24d16b2fdf742b30540f548bd40ce227901”,
“address”: {
“BTC”: “mxrfphCP9EhMgmVi2iZkPN1rhrprdkAnFR”,
“index”: 0

export OWNER="8918f370c1b337cba47250dfc938e3668d3df15ce4b81d5ea1932b1d5c2719ab01"
export PAYMENT="3742eb6d7d046c910a3330fe1f3f51a24d16b2fdf742b30540f548bd40ce227901"

blockstack-cli -t namespace_preorder aladinnetwork myKwwAwMKP5zRbcfZGY4bB3UFMiFgjTRRE $PAYMENT

blockstack-cli -t namespace_reveal aladinnetwork myKwwAwMKP5zRbcfZGY4bB3UFMiFgjTRRE 2 52595 250 4 6,5,4,3,2,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 10 10 $PAYMENT

blockstack-cli -t namespace_ready aladinnetwork $OWNER
“status”: false,
“error”: “Namespace cannot be safely launched”,
“isNamespaceValid”: true,
“isNamespaceReady”: false,
“isPrivateKeyRevealer”: false,
“revealerBalanceBTC”: 21016500,
“estimateCostBTC”: 960000

Had an issue while registering namespace with blockstack-cli
What can be the possible solution ?
Where can i see information about txid returned ?


Just want to confirm – did you wait a few minutes in-between each command? The testnet produces new blocks once per minute, and a namespace-ready command won’t be processed if it’s in the same block as the namespace-reveal command.

Per the testnet page, you can directly query transactions by using the Bitcoin CLI on The username/password for the JSON-RPC interface is blockstack and blockstacksystem.

Thanks for replying

I have got 8 conformations on both namespace_preorder and namespace_reveal transaction. Still i have the same issue.
How many confirmations required for both transactions ?

It should only need just one confirmation on the testnet.

I just checked the testnet logs – all of the namespace-reveal transactions for .aladinnetwork were rejected by the Blockstack Core node because the namespace-reveal transaction was not paired with the namespace-preorder hash. Looking further, the reason for this is that the namespace-preorder transactions you were sending were malformed – it was created using an older on-chain format that the software no longer accepts.

Can you confirm that you are using the latest version of the CLI?

Also, if you’d like, you can see whether or not your transactions get accepted by the Blockstack Core node by fetching the testnet log at This records all of the information about all of the transactions processed by the testnet.