Referenda: Empowering movements & social change 📢

Hi Folks,

We launched Referenda on Product Hunt yesterday and were voted as a top app!

Our mission is to build a new social media where stakeholder can have a constructive discussion without bots, trolls, or foreign influences derailing the conversations.

We’re initially focused on helping US Congressional Campaigns in the 2020 race. We are ensuring constituency by cross-checking with Voter Records and a leveling system. A few active campaigns we’re helping:

  1. CA-12: San Francisco -

  2. CA-50: San Diego -

  3. GA-07: Atlanta -

  4. More coming soon…

You can start your own movement on our WebApp! :earth_americas:

Also, we’re integrating the Simple ID feature in our Mobile App that will be launched next quarter!

You can follow the development progress on our Github.

Look forward to hearing your feedback & answering any questions




Very nice!

Currently, links from the map to the campaigns are broken.

Update: Actually, no. They work if I am logged out. All pages do show the start campaign page if I am logged in.

Thanks for catching that @friedger. Will fix that in the next release :nerd_face: