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As I have grown to love many aspects of the blockchain technology, following blockstack has become something that peaks my interest highly. I believe this technology has the power to change the world.

As this technology grows I believe having a good community behind it is essential. Therefore I decided to create a Reddit community for all enthusiasts of blockstack.

Come check us out and help spread the word. Let’s get this tech to the masses and grow the community. We desperately need to make blockstack something that we can use to change the world. With a strong community behind it, this is extremely possible.


Whats wrong with ?
Seems more populated


Ray, I applaud you. Also you can definitely work with if you’d like.

Hey @Ray-Hughes @Parsav,

Due to popular demand we have re-opened Let one of the moderators know if you’d like to become a moderator. Happy to have more people from the community contributing to the subreddit. :slight_smile:

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Great to see r/blockstack re-opened!

Broken link. s/comr/com

Thanks for pointing out the broken link in Guy’s post – fixed it!

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