Recover id

I set up a BlockStack wallet back in 2018. Info is below. I am logged in and cannot see my that I created and am trying to recover (screen shot attached). How do I restore it and transfer it to my new stacks-xverse wallet?

Blockstack ID -
ID# - 155DQTuC4QfJaFGrhDDQ7v4re8wbq9XaGH
Email - [email protected]

glx id

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.id needed yearly or bi-yearly renewals so expect it would have expired. If it was not expired when Stacks 2.0 launched (January 2021) it would have been valid for about a year on the current network before expiring.

I do believe the old 12 word seed for the Blockstack browser can be used on the current Hiro Wallet, I would recommend creating a new seed (24 word, as has been the default for the Stacks Wallet that operated on Stacks 1.0).

You can then register a new name. Via one of the decentralized apps available: (for .btc domains, expire after 5 years) (for .id (1 year) or .stx (never expires))