Received Stacks Invalid after long BTC Confirmation


A couple of days ago, I attempted to send STX from Binance to the Stacks Wallet. At the time, the BTC network was very busy, so the underlying BTC transaction did not confirm for several hours. In my transaction history, I can see the STX coming in, but the balance is still at 0. On the particular transaction, it says “Received Stacks (Invalid)”.

I have attempted to restart the wallet and reset the wallet as others have suggested, and I’ve waited over 24 hours … it’s still showing Invalid. Are my funds just lost, or how is it possible to fix this issue? I haven’t found any working suggestions yet.

Additional Information: I can see the BTC transaction on BTC block explorer, and the stacks explorer, but when I explore my address, the stacks explorer website always gives a non-specific error. “Sorry Something seems to have gone wrong”.

Thank you for any help that you can provide!

Any ideas about why this may be happening? After 8 days, it’s still showing as invalid? If there’s no way around this problem, this may be a flaw / bug in the architecture…


The transaction is deemed invalid because if the BTC transaction takes too long to be confirmed, it will not be accepted by the Stacks node due to a stale consensus hash. The Stacks 2.0 blockchain will not have this problem.

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