Realtime application?

Hi all.

Can we implement a realtime application on Blockstack? The simplest thing we need is: data update automatically after another user do publish_data.

there is no realtime solution afaik. all api’s rest friendly. you should call periodically.

Your apps overall objectives and design would need to be more properly communicated to know how best to integrate Blockstack.

The primary things that Blockstack facilitates:

  • Decentralized namespace registration
  • Decentralized identity authentication
  • Decentralized user specific storage

Hope that helps

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OK, thank all. Clear enough… So with REST friendly, I will consider a pooling method.

I’ve contemplated using blockstack to store someone’s GunDB server address, then doing the messaging with gun.

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Check out the sample app Banter that showcases the Blockstack framework radiks: Introducing Radiks: a framework for building Blockstack apps this might be what you are looking for. Let us know if it’s not.

The 1st version of Stealthy on desktop brokered a WebRTC connection over GAIA (w/o a signaling server) and used that connection to enable real time performance (i.e. video chat / desktop sharing). It took anywhere from 2 - 5s, your GunDB idea would improve on latency for text messages over the WebRTC approach (though then you would get into lengthy discussions about decentralization with people about GunDB).

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I think it’s possible