Reactivating BNS: Ryder Handles are here!

Now more than ever, web3 is going social, and handles, or namespaces are an integral part of it. We’re working to fully realize the potential of web3 through on-chain identities, after the DeFi summer and NFT Bandwagon.

Ryder’s approach to on-chain identities is different. We’re more than just .btc or .eth, we’re leveraging the culture and community in crypto to establish handles as identity within the Stacks ecosystem and beyond.

This is why we are proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with your favourite communities – Megapont, CrashPunks, Satoshibles, Frens, Stackparrots, and Citycoins – to launch Ryder handles. These communities have chosen to work with us and we’re happy to collaborate with them. This marks the next step in crypto ownership, sharing and community.

This is just the first step we’re taking towards empowering communities. The value it unlocks is enormous, from building a brand name for your NFTs, to enriching the DAO governance experience.

Make sure you grab your favorite community handles at before they’re gone.

Currently, we support :point_down: