Re-organizing the forum categories

So looks like our forum is back online! Great work @larry at setting it up.

Our project scope has changed a lot since the last time this forum was active and we should re-visit how we’re using the forum and organize the forum accordingly.

I’m thinking about the following categories:

– News
– Support
– Engineering
– Apps

And removing other categories. Here is the scope that I’m thinking about these categories:

News: Blockstack weekly engineering updates, blog posts about blockstack, and even related articles/podcasts about related technologies or discussion about recent events.

Support: Help with using the CLI, Core, and other help/support questions.

Engineering: Engineering discussions about Blockstack. How we’re developing new features/updates and so on. I believe we’ll have a lot of links to Github in this category.

Apps: This is for apps built on Blockstack. How to build new apps. Ideas around new apps and so on.

Would love to hear your thoughts. This is just a rough initial sketch, and we can start adding/removing things from here.


I like the idea of starting with a small group but then eventually expanding to something like the set of channels we have in the slack.

+1 on starting with small set of categories and expanding later as needed

Let me know if the current four categories look good and I can go ahead with renaming/updating.

Sounds good @muneeb let’s update the list of categories.

Sounds good to me too. Let’s do it.

+1. Sounds good to me too

Cool, I’ll remove some other categories and merge posts from them into the above 4 categories.

The forum categories now post in corresponding channels in the Slack.

Also, I feel like there’s a tendency to put everything in General or else leave it Uncategorized. This results in zero information conveyed by the categories.

I propose removing General and Engineering and adding Core, CLI and Web.

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Gave CLI a spin and you can see how it works from the posts in the #cli channel on Slack. We can always rearrange these and I think it’d be pretty cool to have a nice sync up between the channels on Slack and the categories here. That way, anytime we create a topic here, we are essentially picking the Slack channel that it’ll get synced down to.

Syncing categories to Slack channels makes sense.

+1 on removing General and Engineering.