Radiks USERGROUPS Invitations

i was looking to implement a feature in the app to allow the current user to write for another user, so both can see that post, and i’ve found in radiks you can make a UserGroup but it requires an invitation, do we have another options?

Hi @Philemon - the ability to write to another users storage via gaia requires access to the users private keys.

If you want the 2nd user to be able to read the current users post you have two options;

  1. Store it unencrypted in current users storage,
  2. Store it encrypted with the other users public key in the current users storage.

I believe you can then use radiks to let the other user know its there - @hank can tell you more about that.

Hope this helps.

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If you only want to do a one-time share, then using a Radiks UserGroup without an invitation is not completely necessary. But if you want them to more seamlessly continue to share private data, you’ll need to create a shared encryption key, which is what UserGroups are for. The invitation is required to maintain privacy of the members of the group, otherwise, anyone could know who is in a particular UserGroup.