Radiks makeGroupInvitation


Hey Hank, I’m at TreeHacks currently and trying to make groups. I’m pretty much following the code on the radiks repo and getting this error:
group.makeGroupInvitation is not a function

Any ideas?

This is my code snippet:

const group = new UserGroup({ name: 'testingyoyoyoyo' }); // TODO name

        (async () => {
            await group.create();
            const invitation = await group.makeGroupInvitation(this.state.usernameToInvite);
            console.log(invitation._id); // the ID used to later activate an invitation

Hey! Looking through the code, I think that method got obsoleted recently. If you’re trying to set up group membership, I think this would be what you want:

const group = new UserGroup({name: 'testingyoyoyoyo' });
(async () => {
   await group.create();
   const invitation = group.makeGroupMembership(this.state.usernameToInvite);
   /* ... */

cc @hank to confirm

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Looks like it works!